Market Research & test marketing

We support local India businesses to go global for their niche products and services by helping them establish connects with international buyers with help of our global business partners in different geographies.

market research

Our project management consulting approach revolves around managing people, processes & technology to achieve your project goals in terms of optimized cost & resource utilization, timely accomplishment of project objectives and managing stakeholders’ expectations with complete transparency.

A process to establish reporting on progress of a project is customized to specific need.

liasing and representation

Project management Consulting

business development
technology partnership

Business development for your technology products/services/solution is our forte’. Our expertise is both in working with government and private sectors alike.

We can support you right from providing you insights into the market trends, identifying market opportunities, building go to market strategy (GTM), establishing sales channels, driving up the entire sales* cycle from prospecting till the ordered closure, effective customer account relationship management to identify cross-selling & up-selling opportunities and render post-sales client support.

We can help you establish India sales set-up as an extended arm of your core business.

Throughout the entire business development process, our core focus remains on innovation, opportunity maximization, resource optimization, risk management thereby maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of the entire business development process.

*The entire sales process reporting can be achieved through SaaS-based CRM on weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis to provide our client with complete visibility into the sales progress, based on the need.

project partnership

Business Development Consulting

international business development
technology partnership

Liaising and representation

A very critical aspect of your India business entry strategy may entail meeting mandatory regulatory compliance requirements for your technology products/solutions meeting local needs.

We have requisite experience and knowledge of the relevant accreditation establishments in India and their processes involved, to meet needed certifications/accreditation to support your business.

 We provide you our services on a turn-key basis to fulfill your desired objectives.

Establishing technology partnership

With our deep understanding and hands on working experience in a variety of technologies, we are rightly positioned to help you with establishing technology partnership with a ‘right fit’ technology organisation in India in order to augment your business effort and resource bandwidth with optimized cost to meet your short term / long term objective.

The process entails understanding your technology goals, mapping these goals to identify potential technology partners and collaborative decision making in arriving at final selection of the technology partner to work with you.

Post establishing the technology partnership, we could continue supporting you through our project management consulting services, if need be.

Product Certification/Accreditation

International Business Development

Before you decide to make foray into India market, it would be apt to test the waters through up-stream marketing for your specific product/services to establish first-hand information on demand and suitability of your products & services. We have an established network of up-stream marketers to support your needs and we could coordinate the entire effort as a single point of contact for you.

As your local partner in India, we provide range of services to initiate and hand-hold your business until the time you are ready to stand on your own feet.

Our services include

  • Support for your initial business registration
  • Logistic & administrative support
  • Local customer servicing
  • Sales & Marketing support
  • Talent acquisition & on-boarding support

Do connect with us for any specific customized services to meet your immediate needs to establish your business presence in India market.